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about invisibleincdesign

We specialise in producing limited edition prints from original canvases painted by our artist,
Alan Rimell. The original paintings are in acryllic and range in size from 20cm x 20cm upto
1m x 1.2m. It can take anything from 2 weeks to 3 months to complete each painting.
Click here to see the painting of Wez in progress..

The canvases are reproduced and printed by a specialist commercial print company on to a
textured paper only available from a trade paper mill. The print process used is lithography which
is how almost all quality print is produced. We tried and tested a variety of paper stocks until we
found one that gave us the special feel we were looking for. The reprographic company may
adjust some colour levels at the scanning stage to aid the print processes and give us the best
achievable result.

Each print is then signed and numbered by the artist, mounted with an ice white
bevel cut mount and backboard. It is then inserted into a cellophane sleeve with a certificate
of authenticity. The size, including mount, is 500mm x 400mm. Our print quantities are not only
guaranteed by us but also by the commercial print company on the certificate of authenticity.

The paper and processes we use are not available to the general public and are only
obtained commercially in volume.

We do not paint decoration, pop art in flat colour or the same thing over and over again at a
number of sizes in different colours pretending it's original.

Our paintings are not for sale through ebay and are one off original paintings, painted with
passion and feeling. We know that there is quite a lot of stuff all over ebay produced using a
scanned images and then using Photoshop or some other graphics package creating a print.
This is a shame as it has taken only a little knowledge of using a computer to end up with an
image that really has no artistic input which is then claimed as original art that a trained monkey
could produce.

On the flip side Alan, our artist, graduated in '85 (when you had to be able to draw and paint!!)
with a BA(hons) in art and has been working commercially for over 20 years.

about the artist
Alan Rimell


I received my BA(hons) art degree in 1985 and have worked commercially ever since. I have built a successful career corporate graphic design and advertising, working with a range of clients in a variety of market sectors. I have continued painting throughout my career during my spare time.

At the beginning of 2004 I embarked on painting a series of acrylic studies of film and sports stars in my own graphic style. Folllowing the success of these paintings I utilised my knowledge of print and design to help shape and craft his dynamic images into an equally strong series of limited edition prints.

I now work privately on commercial commissions allowing me to devote more time to my painting.

The collection of paintings and prints continues to grow.


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